BEBExx (bebexx) wrote in brandnewislove,

Hey everyone! I just joined this community and I just wanted to share a little story. On November 10th, my friends and I were at a starbucks across the street from extreme sport and all of a sudden someone came in yelling I JUST MET JESSE LACEY! so we asked where he was and we got to meet him and talk to him!!! (I live on L.I. and he said he lived about 15 min from that store) I was so exicited! And my friends, myself, and Jesse (besides the people that work there) were the only people there.

I have his autographe framed from that night! I'll post a pic. when I can get it on the computer! He also has the most amazing eyes! &i shook his hand and we got pictures =) I'm just gonna say I'm still in complete awe. (If that's the right word lol)

x3 Sam

Also, we asked him when the new cd would be coming out and he said probably later than soon, but again this was in November so who knows!

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