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New and introducing

first off I hate when i ask a question and then i figure out how to do the something lol...

Name: [[Nicole]]
Age: [[14]]
Location: [[Vernon, NY]]
Why you love Brand New: [[bc they have some of the best lyrics i have ever heard and a lot that i can relate to.]]
Favorite Brand New song: [["Seventy Times 7", "The No Seatbelt Song", "Sudden Death In Carolina", "Play Crack The Sky", and "Jaws Theme Swimming"]]
Deja Entendu or Your Favorite Weapon?: [[depends...I kinda like YFW better a little]]
What other bands do you like?: [[TakingBack Sunday, Mychemicalromance, from first to last, straylight run, northstar, the spill canvas, daphne loves derby, underoath, etc.]]
Promote this community somewhere and put the link here: [[JUST joined this so no promoting yet ; sorry if i never get around to it ; i will try tho]]
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